Word from Wayne: Audits and Why We Love Them

It’s now past the longest day so I’m sure you too are asking – where did the last 6 months go?

For us, it’s mainly been taken up with audits in one form or another. Having always used national standards to help drive the business forward, we are well used to being audited. Some people become anxious, as they view the auditor as a kind of policeman trying to “catch them out”. We don’t see it this way at all, but rather as an opportunity for someone independent to review what we are doing.

We must remember that the auditors are very experienced individuals who see some of the best practices available. So when they offer opportunities for improvement, we listen intently to see if we can use their knowledge to enhance our processes.

I am pleased to say that we passed all our formal audits this year and have added the Environmental Standard ISO 14001 to our growing list of accreditations. So, next time the auditors come knocking, view it as an opportunity to learn and improve and you’ll find the whole thing much less stressful!