AKP and the Environment

AKP are dedicated to playing our part in reducing our impact on the environment. As part of our continuing growth and development plans, we will be committing to new projects and investing in new ways to help us achieve this.

Below are just a few examples of what we are doing…

Tree Planting Scheme

We are very excited to have launched a client rewards project where we plant trees on behalf of our customers.

The tree planting scheme contributes to re-forestation and conservation and provides employment across the world to reduce the impact of extreme poverty.

It allows us to play a part in helping restore the environment and enables us to work in partnership with our valued customers, with no additional effort on their part.

Becoming a more environmentally friendly company is very important to us. This is the first of many projects that we are hoping to implement to improve our level of sustainability.

Electricity Supply

Being a manufacturing company, we are aware that we use a lot of electricity running our busy workshop. We are committed to working with an energy firm that shares our values and will help cut our carbon footprint.

Our chosen supplier is Britain’s largest generator of Zero Carbon electricity, sourcing wind, nuclear and solar technologies. They have a vast portfolio of operational wind farms and are playing a key role in the development of nuclear sites which will help towards the UK demand for low-carbon electricity.

Environmental Accreditations

We were thrilled to achieve our Environmental Standard ISO 14001 accreditation in May 2023. This had been on our radar for some time as we considered it an important step on our journey to become more sustainable, so it’s a big tick for us!

Norfolk Carbon Charter
We are accredited with the Silver Norfolk Carbon Charter indicating we have a working energy and carbon reduction policy. We are looking forward to working towards Gold.



We strongly promote recycling in our workforce and have numerous recycling bins positioned in our workshop and office areas. We have clearly labelled signs around the bins to ensure staff are aware of what can and can’t be recycled.

We re-use stationery such as folders, lever-arch files and polypockets so that we are not throwing out items after one use, reducing the purchasing and demand for such products.

All our waste metals are separated out and we have a dedicated company collect it for recycling.


Here at AKP, we aim to provide the highest quality packaging to ensure our products arrive intact at our customers premises. We are very mindful of the impact of packaging on the environment and use multi-use packaging whenever possible. We also work with suppliers who share our values and use packing supplies that are recyclable wherever they can.

Other Environmental Measures

AKP remains mindful of the environment every day. Here are some more practices we have in place to reduce our impact on the planet:

    • Ensuring lights are turned off in rooms not being used
    • Encouraging staff to car share, cycle or walk to work where possible
    • Only printing essential items
    • Reusing scrap paper.

Read our full environmental policy.