Meet Beth: From a Varied Career Path to Engineering Excellence at AKP

Beth Smith, an apprentice at AKP Engineering, has entered the world of engineering after a varied career. She now feels she’s discovered the ideal career path for her.

Beth is highly ambitious and takes great pride in her work.  Before joining AKP, her previous role limited her experience to manual mills, lathes and deburring using angle grinders, so she was delighted to be given the chance to operate the CNC machines at AKP Ltd. Beth explains her ambition is to master the setting and programming of the CNCs, which requires a high level of skill.

Beth describes AKP Precision Engineering as like a friendly and supportive family to her and describes joining AKP Ltd as a ‘breath of fresh air’ adding, ‘it’s wonderful here!’.

A few minutes with Beth and you will quickly uncover an effervescent, colourful person who is passionate and engaging. Beth is also a proficient and accomplished pianist and a lover of motorbikes, currently riding an 800cc BMW F800 GS. Beth explains her main inspiration is her dad, who bought her first bike and inspired her to enter engineering.

Beth also attends East Coast College in Lowestoft where she is studying her Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Machinist. Beth praises the applied knowledge and industry experience of her lecturers, in particular Paul Cutts (pictured with Beth) who monitors her progress at AKP Ltd.

Having completed her Level 2 Diploma, which included hand fitting, material science and health and safety, Beth is now mastering the CNC machines, mills, pillar drills and manual lathes and even the inspection of parts using computerised measuring machines and shadow graphs.

For anyone interested in starting or advancing a career in engineering, Beth recommends reaching out to companies like AKP Precision Engineering where you can gain a high level of engineering skill, in a supportive environment. AKP Ltd are currently seeking CNC Machinists and anyone interested should send a CV to

Beth Smith at AKP