Meet Chris: The Unsung Hero of AKP’s Excellence

In the bustling world of precision engineering, where every detail counts, having a meticulous system in place is crucial.  At AKP, Chris High has perfected this art, ensuring that every product and material is meticulously tracked. Each item is referenced against its original purchase order, double-checked, documented on the ERP system, and paired with material certifications. The assigned system number is then attached to the actual material, providing a seamless cross-reference that ensures the computer records match the physical items, with records dating back many years.

Recently, during a rigorous external aerospace audit, Chris’ unwavering dedication and robust processes were praised. The auditors were thoroughly impressed by the speed and efficiency with which Chris addressed their enquiries, a testament to his careful planning.

For those looking to manage an efficient stores facility, Chris offers advice, ‘Be methodical from the start, tie up all loose ends, and maintain rigorous processes, regardless of how busy the storeroom gets. Ensuring that all reference numbers align perfectly across all systems, and directly on the materials themselves, is key to a seamless operation.’

In precision engineering, it’s vital that materials and goods meet the exact specifications and standards required by our customers. At AKP, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile, starting with the meticulous management of the materials we order and use. Any non-conformance is swiftly addressed and communicated to the customer, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Chris’ journey began in the world of agricultural machinery, but it is at AKP where he has truly found his home. He attributes his longevity here to the incredible people he works with, a sentiment that underscores the strong, supportive culture at AKP.

A respected member of the AKP team, Chris’ deep knowledge of materials and stock management expertise are invaluable assets to our operations. His dedication and precision ensure that our standards remain high, making him an integral part of our success story.

Chris at AKP