Word from Wayne: Ignoring the Noise

Much to the surprise of my friends and family, I recently became the owner of my first EV.

We have had many discussions about the pros and cons and I was always firmly on the side of internal combustion engine. However, one of the many things being in business has taught me is to be adaptable. So, when the time came to replace my car I thought I should at least consider going electric. A visit to a dealer and an impulsive purchase later, I was now an EV driver!

Now I am on the other side of the argument I am finding out just how many people have pre-conceived ideas about EVs, and how those ideas can often be a barrier to change. This is not aided by the vast amount of misinformation on both sides of the EV vs. combustion engine debate that we are all subjected to.

And, of course, this is by no means limited to the motoring debate. In so many aspects of our lives, when we are looking to make changes, we find ourselves weighing up a list of pros and cons. And with the wealth of information (some accurate, some not so) and opinions (some based on real knowledge and experience, some not so!) we have access to now through our digital lives, these lists can become overwhelming. It can become very hard to make a decision amongst all the noise. As humans, I think we tend to have a natural resistance to change, and this noise can make it even harder to be bold and make that change.

In business, however, overcoming that resistance to change is a key skill if you want to create success. The world around you will change, and if you’re not willing and able to adapt, spot new opportunities and try new things, you will be left behind. Developing this willingness to be curious, to innovate and be open to change has been key to our success at AKP but sometimes I find it hard to translate that into my personal life. Maybe this latest decision is proof that I’m finally getting the hang of it!

I have had to change some of my driving habits, such as planning where to stop for a charge, but that’s no great problem as I would probably stop for a break and a coffee anyway. On the upside, when charging I get a large parking space so haven’t had my doors dented yet, and the driving power is great fun!

For me, the jury is still out on whether EVs are our transport solution of the future, but one thing is for certain. We are going to all have to be more adaptable if we are to tackle climate change.