Word from Wayne: New Beginnings

I am really not a winter person so with the cold weather and dark nights now behind us I am pleased to be writing this outside on a lovely spring day and feeling the improving warmth of the sun. The daffodils are out and we have the balmy days of summer to look forward to, so it’s no wonder that spring is often seen as a time of new beginnings.

In reality, of course, new beginnings are occurring all the time and that is especially true in business. The start of a financial period, onboarding of a new client, development of a new role, a job promotion, a new product offering – the list goes on but each time we embark on something new we start an exciting journey of learning and discovery.

The key with each new beginning is to reflect on what has gone before, what did we do well, what wasn’t so good, how can we be better this time? These incremental new starts, handled with a mindset of continual improvement is what makes a good business a great one.